"...Compared to gasoline powered cars, diesel vehicles can reduce the utilization emissions by 24 %, CNG vehicles by 49 %, FCEVs by 65 %, gasoline PHEVs by 58 %, diesel PHEVs by 41 % and BEVs by 72 %, when using conventional electricity (Germany; 0.401kgCO2−eq./kWh). When exclusively refueling with CBG or recharging with green electricity, the emissions savings are 86 % for the CBG vehicle, 79 % for the gasoline PHEV, 75 % for the diesel PHEV and 97 % for the BEV."

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Hohenlohe Franken

Dies ist die soziale Blase in der "ned g'mauld und g'nuch g'lobd wird"!